Tree Topping Myths and Facts

Tree topping is like giving your tree a haircut. Like everyone else, your trees can use a haircut so that its leaves grow fully and beautifully. But is tree topping really necessary? If so, how should you go about it?

The Myths about Tree Topping

Tree arborists and plant scientists think that tree topping is not really necessary, although tree pruning is. The difference between topping and pruning is the location where the branches are cut. Tree pruning is cutting the lower branches of the tree that are going haywire. Tree topping, on the other hand, is cutting the topmost part of the tree. It is usually done to give it shape or reduce its size.

Tree topping is not really necessary although it becomes one when there are safety issues involved. Some people do it because the topmost part of the tree is reaching the power lines. However, there are those who want to top their trees because they want to limit the shade that the tree is providing.

The Facts about Tree Topping

Tree topping is generally a type of tree pruning. So in essence, you’ll be asking for tree pruning services when you do request for topping. There are also other ways to trim or prune trees and if you call in the experts, you might just learn about the other techniques such as pollarding, espaliering, and pleaching.

There’s also a special way to cut trees in order to reduce its height or size. Such a method is called drop-crotching and only certified arborists know how to do it. If you particularly need a tree topping service, then you have to find well-trained arborists for the job. Tree cutters may not know how to thin a tree to a lateral.

Do You Really Need Tree Topping?

Unless it’s for safety concerns, tree topping is not really necessary. Trees that are topped tend to experience sun damage, nutritional stress, excessive decaying, and insect attacks. All of these tend to result from incorrect tree topping procedures. And if you fail to hire an expert, the long-term result of tree topping may be unsightly.

If it’s important for you to keep your tree beautiful and majestic right there in the middle of your yard, consult with nothing less than the experts. Otherwise, you might join the others who have experienced the horrors of tree topping.

Hire Tree Professionals

Try to avoid tree topping if possible so as to prevent your tree from experiencing a host of health problems. But if you really need to do it, be sure to hire professional and certified Aurora tree service providers to do the job.

There are many considerations when topping trees and generally speaking, it shouldn’t be done unless highly necessary. You might want to consult with tree arborists first if you want something like this done on your tree. You can also find some tree services at Little Rock tree removal. They may provide you with better options other than tree topping. This is the reason why you only want to hire tree experts at all times. With their help, you are given the guidance that you need.

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